I’m pleased to have you visit my own personal space.  Here, I chronicle my upcoming books, pen down my thoughts on a variety of topics and share interesting tidbits I’ve come across in the vast internet, as also the external world, that pique me.  Take your time.  Wander around.  Enjoy yourself.

My Books


A Short Story

Life is brought to an abrupt halt for six groups of people for four hours on the Mumbai-Pune highway, under the sweltering summer heat. Perspectives change in that time stretch and some of the travelers are not quite the same when their journey resumes once more. Overall, a short engaging read for those who are in an introspective mood.


Lavinia Agate finds her life’s purpose when she helps form the Interplanetary Rescue Station, aiding the police in any search and rescue efforts. But she is not completely unselfish in her agenda. Despite the passage of years, she still harbors the hope that she might find her mother, who disappeared when she was very young. She could never accept an accidental death ruling. Things come to a head, however, two decades later, when she is thrown into a case of searching for a missing child. Does she find the closure she’s been seeking?